Texas Department of Health Rules & Regulations Checklist


Reference:   Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 267, Rules for Licensure of Governmentally Employed Non-commercial Pesticide Applicators Involved in Health-Related Pest Control.


Personnel Records


1.    All employees involved in health-related pesticide applications must have a Certified Applicator License (CAL).  267.5(a), 267.10


2.    All Certified Applicators need 1 General, 1 Category Specific, and 1 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) per year.  267.8(j), 267.8(l), 267.8(1)(2)(c).


3.    All Seasonal Employees need 12 hours of verifiable classroom training, 24 hours on-the-job training (OJT), and an additional 6 hours of classroom training within 5 weeks after OJT training.  267.5(b)


4.    A licensed pesticide applicator and the seasonal employee must sign seasonal employee training records.  267.5(b)


Pesticide Use Records


5.    Date and time of day each application was started.  267.11(a)(1)


6.    Name of person or entity for whom the application was made.  267.11(a)(2)


7.    Location of the application.  267.11(a)(3)


8.    Name of pesticide used, including mixing agents/diluents.  267.11(a)(4)(A)


9.    EPA registration number of product used.  267.11(a)(4)(B)


10. Rate of application, including mixing rate.  267.11(a)(4)(C)


11. Total volume of product applied, including mixing agents/diluents + pesticide used.  267.11(a)(4)(D)


12. Name of pest for which pesticide was applied.  267.11(a)(5)


13. Wind direction, velocity, and air temperature at time of application.  267.11(a)(7)


14. FAA “N” number, equipment number, or vehicle license number.  267.11(a)(8)


15. Name and CAL number of applicator, or name of seasonal employee and name and CAL number of supervisor.  Include name and CAL number of pesticide loader if needed.  267.11(a)(9)


16. Records must be kept for 5 (five) years.  267.11(b)


17. Pesticide use must be consistent with label directions.  267.15


Application Equipment Records


18. Calibration, including droplet size determination if required, of each piece of   equipment, based on its specific use.  Each piece of equipment must be calibrated prior to initial use each season, then 4 months after initial calibration each season, and when maintenance effecting calibration is performed.  267.5(a)(3)


Application Equipment


19. Equipment must be in condition to provide safe and proper applications.  267.12


20. Soap, water, disposable towels, and pesticide label must be present in the vehicle used for pesticide applications.  267.5(c)


Pesticide Storage, Disposal, and Safety


21. Proper storage and disposal of the pesticide, including rinsate and unused product, or its containers.  267.15(4)


22. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be used and/or available, according to

     label directions.  267.15(3)