The Texas Mosquito Control Asspcoation will present an 
award, the F. W. "Bull" Schmidt Memorial Award, to a qualified individual 
who has made contributions of an operational nature to mosquito control. 
The award will be given only in years when there is a qualified applicant 
and will be presented at the annual TMCA Spring Workshop. The TMCA 
Scholarship and Awards Committee will make the decision each year as to 
whether or not there is a qualified applicant. The selection process will be 
based on a written description detailing the applicant's contributions. 
The letter must be submitted by the applicant's supervisor to the committee 
chair at least ninety (90) days prior to that year's annual workshop. 

The recipient of the award must comply with the following: 
	(a) resident of the State of Texas; 
	(b) employed by a municipal or private mosquito control operation in Texas; 
	(c) has made contributions of an operational nature. Examples for 
		this award could include, but are not limited to, the following: 
		employee education programs, improved safety procedures, 
		improved maintenance procedures, implementation of public 
		relations programs, improved record-keeping procedures, 
		improved collections devices, or construction of new or 
		improved equipment. 

The award will consist of a plaque and the TMCA will pay the 
recipient's expenses to attend that year's annual workshop. The TMCA 
president will notify the recipient's supervisor and express the 
association's appreciation for the supervisor's support of the recipient and 
the goals of the TMCA. In addition, the TMCA Scholarship and Awards 
Committee will notify the news media in the recipient's area concerning the 

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