Information about Texas Mosquito Control Asociation

PURPOSE: To assist in promoting public health and comfort through the control of disease transmitting and pestiferous mosquitoes, to provide for the scientific advancement of Association members, and to stimulate public interest in mosquito control activities.
PUBLICATIONS: Proceedings of the Annual Fall Meeting and a Handbook are published and distributed to active members. A Workbook is published for use at the Spring Workshop, and a Newsletter is published quarterly and mailed to all active members.
TMCA ANNUAL FALL MEETINGS: Held each year during October at an announced site within the state. Papers presented at this meeting are primarily technical reports dealing with new and improved methods of mosquito control, new insecticides and new application techniques. Basic research related to mosquito life cycles, bionomics, diseases, and natural histories are also presented. Distributors are present to display and answer questions about their equipment and chemicals. A registration fee is required to attend.
TMCA ANNUAL SPRING WORKSHOPS: Held each year during February or March at an announced site within the state. This is a basic training workshop on the operational aspects of mosquito control. Topics include general mosquito biology, mosquito borne diseases, sampling and surveillance techniques, methods of mosquito control, public relations, equipment maintenance, chemicals and chemical safety, record keeping, administrative problems, and advanced operational training in calibration, droplet size determination, mosquito identification, and surveillance devices and techniques. Distributors are present to display and demonstrate their products. Registration is free, and several meals are usually provided by the TMCA to help reduce costs to attendees.
ANNUAL DUES: Active membership = $10.00, Sustaining Membership = $50.00 Membership Application

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