The Texas Mosquito Control Association James Gus Foyle Memorial Scholarship

The Texas Mosquito Control Association will award a $1000.00 cash scholarship, 
to be called the James Gus Foyle Memorial Scholarship, to one (1) student each year 
to promote and encourage research relating to mosquito control. The award is named 
after Mr. Gus Foyle who was a charter member of the Association and an ardent supporter 
of its goals. The Scholarship is to be awarded each year during the annual meeting 
of the Texas Mosquito Control Association. 

THE RECIPIENT of the Scholarship must comply with the following: 
	a) must be enrolled in a college or University in the 
	  state of Texas at the time the Scholarship is awarded. 
	b) must be engaged in research with mosquitoes, insects or 
	  disease transmission related thereto, 
	c) must submit an application for the Scholarship. The 
	  application must be made on the form provided by the 
	  Scholarship Committee. The application will include, 
	  but not be limited to, the following: 
		1. Statement of student's goals 
		2. Statement of his/her needs 
		3. Statement of student's intended research 
		4. Resume 
		5. Letter from the student's major professor stating his/her 
		  assessment of the candidate 
	d) must attend the Annual Meeting to receive the Scholarship. 
	e) must give a report one year following receipt of the 
	  Scholarship to the assembled membership of the TMCA at 
	  its Annual Meeting. 
	f) all reasonable travel, food and lodging related to receipt 
	  of award and presentatio of results of study to TMCA will be 
	  paid by TMCA. Reimbursement of these expenditures will 
	  be subject to approval by the Chairman of the Scholarship 
	  Committee. Receipts for these expenditures must be submitted 
	  along with claims for reimbursement. 
	g) recipient is to use the most economical means of travel. 
	  Deviations from this are subject to TMCA Board approval. 
	h) all travel to be in Texas. Deviations must be approved 
	  by the Board prior to travel. 

Contact the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee for an application: 
		Dr. Jeff Flosi 
		Dept. of Natural Sciences UH-Downtown 
		One Main St., N-813 
		Houston, Texas 77002 

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